Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When I first started chatting, I went with a few nicknames handles. Basically they are names that I like or of my favorite flowers (so if you know my favorite flower, you know what nick I was using back there). Anyway when I started blogging, I wanted a nickname that represented me more as oppose to what I want to be called. So I chose LadyJava, because I am a lady and although a lot of people think that Java refers to the program language, I always stress that I use Java because that is my race. I was really happy with my choice and Azwaj approves too :). However when it came down to buying the domain, the name was not available and it gave me even more grief to know that it was just parked there!

Anyway, I recently found this site called “” that lets you buy domains that are hard to get but are for sale. Example of such domains are like “”, “” and even “” that was going for a whopping USD1,000,000!


I search for but unfortunately it was not even on the sale listing. I wonder who the owner is and what price is he willing to let go of it. Oh well.. I reckon I won’t be able to afford it anyway right?


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