Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I’m always on the lookout for reliable and dependable web hosting. My first hosting company was not bad but there were times when my sites would be down for a span of 3hours or and so that is completely unacceptable for me. So I was forced to look for another hosting company and I am currently very happy with the one I have now. It’s dependable, it’s fast and most importantly, my sites are always live.

If you own a site that you can’t afford to go down at any point of time and you would like to have more control over it, you might want to consider what is called managed hosting. With managed hosting, each dedicated server can be customized to your needs and there are more options you can choose from.

If you already have a server of your own but would like to house it a secure location, you might want to consider colocation. Most of this locations can keep your server safe from fire, vandalism, theft and even natural disasters.

So, those are the different kinds of hosting you can consider for your needs. Good luck!


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