Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here’s the scenario. You already have a domain name and already used that domain for your main blog. You then opened up another blog that is serve as a extension to your existing blog. You now want to publish it as a subdomain. Here are the steps: PS: these steps are for domains hosted on godaddy. Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy 1. You should be at this screen of your godaddy site subdomain1 2. Look for the DNS Manager and click on Launch 3. Your next screen should show up with the following screenshot subdomain2 4. Click on the Quick Add and a little box would appear just like the screenshot below subdomain3 5. In the box.. enter the information as below.. please note, where I put “shop”, this is where you would put whatever subdomain name you want and click on “Save Zone File” subdomain4 6. Now go to your blogger dashboard and click on your blog Settings>> Publishing>> Custom Domain >> Switch to advanced settings 7. Enter the new address you have created just now over at goddaddy. So in my case it was subdomain5 8. Save and you’re done! Now test your new blog url :) PS: Has this post helped you? Buy me some Java Juice? PSS: Want a blog makeover? Contact me today. PSSS: View all my work here Cheerio… LJSiggy

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