Thursday, September 2, 2010

Choosing a domain name is always exciting as for me it means you now really own that blog or website, much like owning a house and putting some home address plaques in front of your house.

Like address signs, a great domain name is equally important. So here are some tips to remember when choosing that all important address sign or domain name for your blog.

1. Always remember to make it short and sweet. You want something that represent you but at the same time something that people can remember easily.   K.I.S.S. Keep it simple and sweet, and you’ll get more traffic coming to your site.

2. Pay attention to punctuation. Sometimes the domain you want might not be available but something with punctuation might work. Although dashes and underscores are generally alright, avoid any strange punctuations like the exclamation sign for instance.

3. Make your domain name memorable so people will type in the address straight into the address bar instead of using a search engine and this is particularly important if yours is a business website. Search engine means your potential customer might find a competitor while looking for your site.

I hope you find the tips useful… and oh ya.. congrats on your new domain name!

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