Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have a few headers to do, makeovers and my client from the States is waiting for me to online on Skype. So I thought I divide my workload between my desktop and my laptop, Miss Fly so that I don’t taxed my desktop processing power. I switched on Miss Fly and nothing happens. I thought I had forgotten to switch on the power but that was not the case. I panicked for a moment, took a coffee break and came back to my workstation. I switched her on again and once more there was no reaction from her. OMG I thought. I unhooked her from all power source, “talked” to her (I swear I did) and put her back on her juice and tried one more time. Whaddaya know! It worked, she’s running again!

Phew! Close call. Miss Fly is on her third year with me which means when her warranty runs out in January 2011, she won’t be cost efficient to repair when she does go dead on me again. So I am saving up money to make sure I have some funds ready when that happens. Of course if I was living in the States, I could use Savings.com coupons to get deep discounts just like the HP discount coupons or the discounts for Home Depot that I found while surfing at the site. But alas I am in Malaysia and thus, have to save and  hope that by the time I need to use the funds, the prices don’t go ridiculously higher than now.. Sigh..


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