Thursday, June 3, 2010

As you know I don’t only do blog makeover but am also a webmistress for a few companies as well, updating coding, website banners, SEO optimization and general cleanup issues.In between that, I try to squeeze in a few blog makeover just to keep the balance and simply because I enjoy it so much, so please keep those orders coming.. lol!

With Azwaj’s help and his business contacts, we are now expanding my business to the local market. There are untapped market out there and people who wants to start to blog but don’t know where to begin so our services would include services from startup all the way to content management.

I am thinking of ways to get more promotion and we thought what better way to promote our business using custom tshirt right?  I can imagine someone wearing a sports tshirts that says “My Blog is a LadyJava Creations” how awesome will that be!?  Check out this custom tshirt. Too simple eh? I just thought of this tshirt idea so am still getting inspired for the perfect design. Perhaps I should check out Death by T-Shirt , which a blog devoted to tshirt love and get some ideas from there.

Would you like one of this tshirt if it ever materialized?


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