Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thanks to my clients who have been keeping me busy, I see a steady increase in income since I started my blog makeover business. In fact, some had to wait for some time because I was drowning in orders and request for little tweaks here and there. So to my clients my apologies and I will get to your orders very soon.

Slightly off topic, let’s talk a little about what I want to do with all this extra Now that I’ve got my own little business going and some savings stashed away, it’s time for, what else, shopping!

Nowadays shopping are not just limited offline. Much cardiganlike my business which is one hundred percent done online, I can now shop for wigs, shoes, handbag and even designer clothes from the comfort of my own home. In fact, some stores are having an exclusive online offers for specific designs and there are some that even come with deep discounts. I know I have my eyes on some cardigans that I can’t seem to find here in Malaysia. You know the kind that don’t leave you feeling too hot but cozy enough to keep you warm for a night time evening motorbike ride? Well check it out.. isn’t she lovely and worth every penny for sure :)

Anyway, I’m off letting my fingers do the walking and off to make some purchases. After all a girl got to rest someday but remember do contact me should you need my services. I need more kaching to do more shopping.. lol!


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