Sunday, February 14, 2010

One of the things I love about my blog makeover business is the variety of bloggers and people that I meet everyday. I get request from people of all walks of life (blogs). From cook blogs, to saving money blogs, from shopping for wigs blog to shopping for men blogs, I entertain them all and these request really keeps me on my toes and test my creative skill (which I thought I never had before).

Much the same way I impart some of my knowledge regarding blog makeover to my clients each time I use a new term that they never heard of of, I learn lots of stuff from them too. For instance when I do the wig client, I learn that they are such thing as front lace wigs that actually make it looks like you have baby hair! Then of course the shopping blogs teaches me what are the difference between men’s blazers and sports jacket.

So “Yes” I definitely love my blog makeover business and if you love my blog makeover too and want to get your own exclusive look, contact me today. I’ll be waiting for ya!


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