Thursday, January 14, 2010

I've just taken the Shopping Quiz and found that I'm a Sales Diva. I'm thrifty and fashionable and it seems I know where to get all the best bargains.. and that is so true. However no matter how thrifty I am, I tend to go on impulse buying sometimes and that is what gets me into trouble until I had to resort to debt consolidation one time :(

Oh well, that's in the past so let's talk about fashion and style instead. Though I'm not a trend followers or by far a trend setter, I know what suits me and my body type and I also tend to lean to the safe side. I used to love dark colors especially black but since moving out here to Malaysia, I can't stand the heat that the dark colors absorbed and so totally change the color of my wardrobe. My style is simple yet it can fit to almost any setting and event. Most times I stress on comfort. I hate ironing clothes and it's reflected by the clothes materials in my wardrobe.

Much like fashion, the style that I use for my blog makeover is simple yet classy. I don't like cluttered look and I try to make the template as user friendly as possible so that my clients can do the changes themselves long after I am no longer in the picture. I also go the extra mile when it comes to my clients. I not only tweaked the template, I tweak the widgets that you have installed too so that it matches the new template in terms of size and location. So you can see, my fee is really affordable and some even call it CHEAP!

What are you waiting for, order your blog makeover with me today.

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