Thursday, January 14, 2010

This new year will see more and more things getting expensive with more people having less purchasing power. I’ve started feeling the pinch even last year but nothing beats the frustration as when I was at the supermarket recently buying my favorite instant coffee mix, tea, some groceries and all of these, though only filling up one measly plastic bag and despite me using coupon codes, cost me RM57.60! That is simply ridiculous I say.

So how can we save money in this dwindling economy, where there is a stagnant in income but an increase in price in everything else? Well I could list down 30 Ways to Save Money but here I would list only a few to share with you.

  1. As we almost never use the car, Azwaj saves money by taking on a third party car insurance policy instead of a comprehensive one this year.
  2. We ride the motorbike as much as possible. Not only is it faster to get around with, we can also save on petrol. A full tank only cost RM8 and it still gets us to the place we are going to!
  3. We try to eat at home as much as possible. Yes it may mean more work for me as I have to cook but at least we know it’s more nutritious and economical :)

These are the things we are doing this year. The first two is easy enough though the third one is really a challenge especially given our home scene these days. On my part to help you save money yet still have that individual look for your blog, I will keep my blog makeover fee the same as last year! How’s that for a new year good news? lol! So contact me soon ya!

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