Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sometimes, when all you do is be creative, you just want to take a break and smell the roses like they say. Unfortunately what I smell most times is cigarette smoke from A. I really don't mind him smoking but sometimes I really wished he stopped. It's not like he is addicted or anything (because he can go without smoking whenever we are at his parents place) it's just that he loves smoking.

As I was researching some stuff for my online work today, I came across a site called Electronic Cigarette Source, a top site for Electronic Cigarette information online and their product really intrigued me.

It's an Electronic Cigarette. This product looks like a cigarette and taste like cigarette but without the harmful effects of the cigarette. The best thing about these Smokeless Cigarettes is just that. It is smokeless so no second hand smoke for me. These Electric Cigarettes uses lithium battery power to run and a e-cigarette kit that comes with varying levels of nicotine. Like I say before.. interesting product right? I'm seriously thinking of taking advantage of the Electronic Cigarette Free Trial but unfortunately it is only for US residents. Ok well :(

Anyway.. I'm working on some freebies blog makeover template soon so stay tune!


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