Monday, April 20, 2009

Here's my personal page over at

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Posted by LadyJava On Monday, April 20, 2009 4 comments


  1. Just wanted to let you know I love all your crations you truely have talent I wish I could makeover my blogs on my own. Do not have time to learn how> Wish I could aford to get you to make mine over but the little oney I get goes to buying dog food and stuff. I just wanted to tell yu you have talent and good ideas. And to invite you to Follow me on twitter @lilruth and also to visit my blogs and clcik on the adgitize ads I have cllck on yours.. ;)

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  2. Thank LilyRuth :)
    I'll follow you soon ya :)

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  3. Yes, I agree with the 1st commenter, you are such a talented person. You know, I've been wondering if you could come to my blog and let me know whether you can make over my blog. Mine is about me and my cats and rescued cats and a cry out call for all pet owners to spay/neuter their pets to avoid breeding the unwanted kittens and puppies in order to stop animal suffering. At the same time, I write about mixed topics to spice up my blog, also joined MM.

    Please e-mail me the cost for this make over. I also have difficulty in adding the JS-kit.comments widget to my blog. I do not have a domain, just using Is is ok? Or should I get a domain first then, make over? You can answer all my questions here as well so that it will help others to get the knowledge of the know-how.

  4. Hi Lilynur :)
    Please contact at ok and we can talk via email :)

    As for the domain. you can makeover first and get your domain and vice versa as well.. no difference :) I can install JSKit for you once the makeover is done :)

    Look forward to hearing from you soon :)

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